About Santa Fe Mortgage Company

At Santa Fe Mortgage Company we specialize in complex loans.
We believe that everyone deserves and should demand
equal opportunity and courteous, professional service. 

Santa Fe Mortgage Company, NMLS #194320, is a licensed professional mortgage broker based in Santa Fe and serving clients in all of New Mexico, Colorado & California.  Established in 1993, Santa Fe Mortgage has seen the passing of the Savings & Loan industry, the Dot-Com Bubble, the 2008 Financial Crisis, and the recent COVID Pandemic, all the while serving our clients with efficient, personal service financing the most important investment in their lives – their home.

Our Core Values

In about 1996 Santa Fe Mortgage published What We Believe as a print-out to include with loan documents that we provided to our clients – the documents that are now delivered by email and acknowledged with e-signatures.  Santa Fe Mortgage had been in business for 3-4 years then, and what strikes us now, 30 years later, is how little has changed.  At the time we didn’t think we were documenting our manifesto or “North Star,” we simply wanted our clients to know what we thought.

In hindsight, with few exceptions, “What We Believe” was our North Star.  Almost everything we wrote then is still true.  We’ve always believed in equal opportunity – in life and in buying your home.  We know that no two loans, like no two people, are alike.  Personal service matters.  Our business is still based on referrals.

Changing Technology

A couple of points have changed a little over time.  Almost all wholesale lenders offer rate renegotiation when rates change for the better by a set amount.  A locked rate can, at times, be improved for the borrower’s benefit.

The second point of notable change involves discount points.  In 1996 rates were much less fluid than they are now; one discount point paid almost always equaled an improvement to a 30 year fixed rate loan of a quarter point to the rate.  For example, on a $100,000 loan, if a borrower paid one discount point ($1,000) their rate would improve from 7.5% to 7.25%.  That’s no longer the case.  There are times where less than a half discount point can change a rate significantly and other times when a full point matters little. 

Continuity of Service

Honesty and clarity between a mortgage broker and their client is everything.

As a licensed mortgage broker, Santa Fe Mortgage enjoys a one-on-one relationship with our clients.  Our greatest sense of satisfaction is witnessing our clients’ excitement at their loan closing when the dream home is theirs or the refinance is secured.  Every mortgage lender, big or small, independent or under the umbrella of a large national bank, has to work under the underwriting rules and guidelines from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  But only a licensed, professional mortgage broker like Santa Fe Mortgage has the latitude to set our own culture  – a culture that puts our clients’ hopes, needs and expectations first.